Web designers create the style and layout of a website.

A web developer uses a web designer’s design(s) to code the website to adhere to the design. Web developers should know a variety of website coding languages. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL are the most common skills needed. They should also have website hosting skills like WHM, cPanel, FTP, etc.

If you want to work for a large company, then you can separate the two jobs. Small companies or entrepreneurs, often want one person to do both jobs, so if you are able to do both roles that is a definite bonus.

For simple websites, web designers can use a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress to bypass the need for a website programmer. It does take some training to learn how to use tools like WordPress, however, it broadens a web designer’s ability to accept more jobs so worth the extra training. If you use a CMS then the client can update simple things on their website such as text or images.

If design (style and layout) doesn’t come naturally to you, you can still become a web developer. Just be sure to keep a good designer on call to help you make the website looks professional.

A web developer typically has a higher salary than a web designer with the same seniority.