About zWebdeveloper

Started in 2003. Zeenah Ziino is the web developer and CEO. 

 My Approach to Web Development

Web Development is not just about writing code. People are searching for a solution to a problem or need. I want to help you deliver that product or service to them.

Websites that I develop are fast, search engines love them. People love how they clearly identify what you are offering and easily make the decision if it’s the best solution for them.

Zeenah Ziino Biography

Zeenah Ziino

Zeenah Ziino

Founder & CEO

Zeenah graduated from the University of Montana with a BA degree in Fine Arts. Her area of study was photography. She also received a minor in media arts. At the time, there wasn’t a degree in web development, so she took all the Computer Science classes that would help her in her career. She only had 2 more classes to receive a minor in CS but decided that she had enough schooling.

After college, Zeenah worked as a cartographic technician for a year with the USDA Forest Service.

Zeenah moved to California and started her own web design and virtual assistant business. Now, 20 years later, her experience is invaluable.

The Process

I will talk to you on the phone to understand your needs. Then I can help you with tasks you assign to me or I can be your business guide and help you build your business. I want my clients to succeed in creating their dream business.


The start of any business is a vision of what you want to create. My job is to bring that vision to life. 


There are many different methods that marketers use to make a sale. It depends on the product or service which methods work better than others. I can help you determine the best method for your particular product or service.


In order to make a sale, the customer needs to have a desire or need. If your product or service will fulfill that need, then they ultimately need to trust you. I can help you insert needed information so that the customer will trust you and make the purchase.

What I Do Best

Web Development



Tech Consultant


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